Dragons Eye


Mandy's Story

PenguinMandy has been a sculptress for a very long time. She used to work with glass but, as she approached her mature youth, holding and moulding a piece of glass under intense heat was very tiring for her, causing severe back pains.

Luckily for her along came a gallant thatcher who dragged Mandy away from her glass and her kiln and thrust a twisting hook in her hands.  After experimenting with the wire mesh she produced her first sculpture, a rhino.

Mandy took it to a show at Penshurst where it was sold almost immediately.  It was greatly admired by everyone who saw it over the weekend.  It was truly a work of art.

Orders were taken and Mandy has not looked back since.  She only goes to three shows a year and her sculptures are greatly sought after.  Many people come to the shows especially to see or purchase one of her works.

The reactions from people who see these sculptures range from admiration and appreciation to almost disbelief that someone could produce such detail from such an unforgiving material.  They are true works of art.

Mandy works throughout the year so please feel free to ring and see what is available prowling around her studio.

Commissions taken from photographs, suggestions or even the merest hint of imagination.


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